Rank Math Content AI

Rank Math Content AI

Is this the SEO Tool Bloggers have been waiting for?

Rank Math Content AI is new functionality that Rank Math will hope pushes back against newcomers like Surfer SEO in the competitive space providing AI powered SEO for Content Creators.

In this review we put Content AI through its paces and compare it to Surfer SEO in terms of functionality and cost.

What Rank Math Does

Rank Math pretty much rule the on-page SEO space for WordPress right now, in terms of function and price they outperform Yoast and provide an easy to follow interface that tells the writer how they are doing against a set of on-page SEO criteria.

  • Keyword Identification
  • Description for Search
  • Presence of Keyword in Description, URL, First Paragraph, Text
  • Keyword in Headings, Alt tags, keyword density
  • URL length
  • External links
  • Internal links
  • Uniqueness of Keyword on website
  • Readability
  • Images
  • Table of Contents

The effect of this is to create an environment that is easily usable by bloggers and creates a level playing field so that your average blogger’s content can compete on quality with anyone else.

Where SEO plugins fall down though is that they check content agsainst a fixed set of criteria. In real life there are different requirements on length for example depending on the topic.

Surfer SEO arrived on the scene in 2020 with the revolutionary idea that comparing your post to the currently ranking posts using the same keyword would go some way to capturing what Google considers to be good content.

What Content AI is for…

Content AI essentially takes on the gist of Surfer’s idea, without moving very far away from the Core Rank Math function.

Once you’ve downloaded the latest version of Rank Math, you’ll find an extra tab in the Rank Math Dashboard.

Content AI in Rank Math Dashboard
Content AI in Rank Math Dashboard

You can turn on the functionality and choose which country you’d like to publish to.

Rank Math Content AI Settings
Rank Math Content AI Settings

You can select the post type that you want to apply it to and you’ll notice at the bottom, the “Credits Left” count. One credit is equal to one keyword. We’ll talk more about pricing later…

User Interface

Once you’ve switched on Content AI and chosen your settings, you’ll see an extra icon appear in the SEO panel. This picture shows the Kadence / Gutenberg layout. Others such as Divi and Elementor may be different.

Content AI Menu

Next to the Focus Keyword you’ll see two new butttons for Content AI, one to invoke the content AI interface, the other to see the trend on the chosen keyword.

Let’s see what content AI looks like…

Rank Math Content AI interface

We can see our Content score in a color bar ranging from red (Poor) to Green (Good). This score is unrelated to the Rank Math SEO score.

It’s telling us that I need around 1020 words, 6 links, 1 Heading and 11 images. I have to say that the Heading Count is on the low side. Headings help your content structure and tell Google what the article is about. The other recommendations seem about right though for this particular subject.

You’ll also notice tabs for Keywords, Questions and Links.

Rank Math Keyword Suggestions

I can choose to filter the keyword suggestions by Content, Headings, SEO Title and SEO Description. These suggestions are the must-have keywords intended to appear in the content of the post. It tells me that one each would suffice. Click on the keyword to copy it and paste right into the content. The suggestion will then turn green.

Clicking on Questions will show me a list of commonly asked questions that I can copy and paste as a FAQ Block into my post and Links will presumably suggest useful links. In this case there were no suggestions for Links.

Summary of Functionality

What we’re seeing here is a tool that has literally been released today. It is not perfect, but it’s easy to see that this will be a formidable addition to the blogger’s armoury even if its not yet ready to take on the Pro toolkit at Surfer SEO.

Things I like

Usability is excellent. I love the idea of copy and pasting my FAQs for example. As you’d expect from Rank Math the UI is very good indded. Nothing cluttered, no confusion or complexity.

This tool will be loved by Bloggers. No question. It adds a really useful layer on top of existing Rank Math functionality, helping content creators write posts that are more likely to rank.

Things I don’t like

You can’t buy more keywords by any other method than upgrading your subscription. At first glance this seems like a really bad idea.


The Pro Plan gives 25 credits at $59 a year. That’s two pages or posts a month. If you need more, you have to upgrade to Business for 200 credits at $199 per year.

But hang on a moment. This tool is aimed at Bloggers. Arguably, two posts a month is a little on the mean side, but Surfer SEO which is the only realistic competitor, costs $49 a month and limits the writer to 10 posts. That’s over ten times as expensive!

Now, Surfer SEO is a much more complicated tool. I wrote a full review of Surfer function. But as I work in this industry, I can afford to pay the extra money for functionality that I need. If I was simply writing this blog for a living, I’d probably opt for Rank Math. As an SEO Assistant it’s excellent, it does what it says on the tin and I think it will only get better.

Check out my post on Essential plugins for a fast WordPress site if you’re interested in streamlining your website’s perfomance.

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Is Rank Math Content AI Easy to Work With?

Very. The Content AI UI is very simple and easy for a Blogger to work with.

Is Content AI as good as Surfer SEO?

They are different. Surfer is designed for content professionals, Content AI for content creators and bloggers. For a Blogger, Content AI is an affordable, well-designed addition to the SEO toolkit.

How do I get more keyword credits?

At the moment, you can only get more credits by upgrading your Rank Math subscription.

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