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Welcome to the Digital Skin Podcast.

We started the Digital Skin Podcast for small businesses looking to familiarise themselves with the business of marketing. We want to provide properly valuable insight that will be useful to some of our clients and help other people avoid the pitfalls. Who knows, it may even be useful to marketers!

We took a break in May 2021 to rebrand our company and that break extended to August! We’re relaunching with the same aims, but with a more streamlined approach.

What’s Different?

  • Helter Skelter Design is sunset as a brand. It is replaced by Helter Skelter Digital
  • Digital Skin now has it’s own website (I know, you’re on it!) and is separate from the commercial sites
  • Helter Skelter Studios remains as a brand in its own right
  • We may talk about Photography and Video too!
Digital Skin Podcast

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