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How to begin with SEO

Finding the Best Keywords for your Website

Finding the best keywords for your website is much more complicated than simply choosing words that reflect the content. Searchability and competition are also big factors in making the right choice. Essentially you need to balance the likelihood of the search term being used by other more established sites with the likelihood of the keyword…

How to begin with SEO
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4 Best Website Platforms

Welcome to the third full length episode of Digital Skin. “What is the Best Website Platform?”.Today we’re talking about web site platforms, specifically WordPress Squarespace Wix or Shopify. Which of these platforms will suit you best? We’ve talked about why you might want a web site in Digital Skin Episode 2, so the next step is…

How to begin with SEO
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How to Begin with SEO

Digital Skin Episode 2: How to Begin with SEO Today we’re going to discuss SEO. How to succeed in SEO is the riddle you need to resolve if you’re website is to thrive. This is the big one, or one of the big ones, so draw up a chair, pour yourself a drink and listen…