About Chris Wright

Chris Wright

I’m a Photographer and Technologist, co-founder of Helter Skelter Media.

What I did..

..spent twenty years in the music industry, promoting bands, being a DJ and Video maker, promoting clubs in London. Marvellous days.

..gained degrees in two subjects. BA (Hons) Photography and MSc Computing.

..taught Multimedia Technology at the University of North London for three years.

..wrote two books for Hodder & Stoughton on the Java Programming Language and Using the Internet for Research.

..worked in the New Media Industry for Clockwork Web.

..joined IBM as a consultant specialising in Portal Technology. I stayed for 14 years and worked with the BBC and BSkyB, Reuters, WPP, Reed Elsevier and other great media companies.

About Chris Wright
Granada City
What I am Doing..

Co Founder of Helter Skelter Media

A media company based in the UK and Spain operating in three dimensions. The name comes from the view from our first office – across the seafront to the Helter Skelter on Brighton Pier.

1. Television & Documentary – Helter Skelter Media

2. Commercial Photography and Video – Helter Skelter Studios

3. Digital Marketing – Helter Skelter Digital

I’m a compulsive adopter of new technologies and love to write about them. My business partner thinks my writing is too technical for creative businesses…

That’s why I’ve started Digital Skin.

Did I mention I’m a lifelong fan of Leeds United? My first match at Elland Road was in 1969 vs. Liverpool. It’s been a long and occasionally rocky road, but in Bielsa I trust!